Creating a Foobar2000 Autoplaylist for Most Recent Music

I like to have a running playlist in my preferred music player (foobar2000) to show my entire library sorted by most recently added music first, since I have a tendency to want to play the hell out of new songs I find, and also enjoy taking trips through time by scrolling back to music from earlier eras and reliving memories from that period of my life.

Setting P4merge as Default Git Merge Tool

Perforce’s p4merge tool has an excellent 3-way merge interface that VSCode (at least today) does not provide. The license also allows for free commercial use!

Editing configuration.yaml on Home Assistant OS

I’ve recently started messing around with Home Automation, part of that has involved setting up an instance of Home Assistant - I opted to use the ready-to-run VM image that they provide for Hyper-V.

RT2600AC Router Setup Notes

There are a few obscure customizations I make to my router over SSH that I’m documenting here so I can remember how to do them in the future.

Direct link to subscribe to Microsoft 365 Group

Microsoft 365 Groups (formerly known as Outlook Groups as far as I can remember) are an easy way to set up a shared collaboration space with a group of colleagues. Creating a group provides you with a mailing list, shared calendar, and SharePoint space for documents.

Easy way to log keypresses in Windows

At work I was prototyping using some hardware with special buttons that I wanted to respond to, but I didn’t know exactly what key presses those buttons were simulating.

PowerShell script to individually 7Zip a folder of ISO files

I had a folder full of raw disk images I wanted to compress down for storage long-term. Here’s a little PowerShell one-liner to enumerate a folder full of *.iso files and squeeze them down into individual, ultra-compressed LZMA2 7z archives.

Finding process command line in PowerShell

Thanks to this blog post.

Faster Than Light protocol engineering notes

Updated: 2020 August 3

Updating SSL cert for Windows RDP server

If you have a signed SSL certificate from a trusted authority, you can use it to prevent Windows from popping that annoying “this connection isn’t trusted” dialog when RDPing into the box with the cert’s hostname. Thanks to this post on StackOverflow.

Updating the SSL certificate for work folders (or another IIS app)

I always forget this command, so I figured I’d write it down:

Minecraft Hyper-V Networking Madness

Some notes to myself on a recent adventure trying to get Minecraft running in a Windows Server Core virtual machine inside of Hyper-V. I’ll refine this post later.

Getting The Visual Studio Android Emulator Working With Android Studio v2 Preview

This was much harder than it should’ve been.

Boink: My Attempt to Beautify My Web App Code

My web apps tend to be a mess.

Finally! A use for the Microsoft Touch Mouse!

I bought the Microsoft Touch Mouse awhile back… you know, this one:

Microsoft Camera Codec Pack on Windows 10 Technical Preview

I recently installed the Windows 10 Technical Preview (how exciting)! I’m loving the experience so far.

Tunr Artist Images

I’ve just added artist images to Tunr! Looking pretty smooth.

Tunr Visualizations

I’ve started adding some visualizations to the Tunr web client - heavily inspired by those featured on the Zune. Here’s quick demo of the first “effect”.

Tunr Promo!

Here’s a video I released awhile back with a quick demo of some Tunr features!

Tunr Update: Windows Phone App!

I’ve started development on Tunr for Windows Phone! Check out the first dev video below:

Tunr Update: Hey! Playlist Manipulation!

Life’s busy with my job ramping up, and summer classes. But TUNR.

Tunr Update: Tilt effect, album art, and large libraries

I’ve started working for the summer. I’ve also started my summer classes. But nothing can stop me from working on Tunr!

Tunr Update: Playing Music

Tunr can play music now! A quick demo video is below. (It is muted by default, un-mute it to hear the songs playing).

Tunr Update: Library Pane

I’ve been working a lot on Tunr, and it’s going quite well. On the back-end, Tunr can now accept uploaded music, track the meta data, and store the file in the Azure cloud. On the front-end, I’ve started working on the library browser. Here’s a quick demo video!


When I was a Junior or Senior in High School, I started this little project called RhythmCloud. This was around 2009. The idea behind RhythmCloud was that you could listen to your music anywhere, from any browser or mobile device, without ever having to sync anything. You’d simply run the RhythmCloud server on your home computer and it would stream your entire music library to any web browser.

Some Things I Noticed in Windows Phone 8.1

Windows Phone 8.1 was recently made available for Developers. The set of changes it includes are staggering, some of the most notable being the Cortana assistant, Action Center, ‘Shape Writing’ (okay, it’s Swype) keyboard, and so much more.


Just a note to myself, I tend to forget the names of great tools that I always use.


So I’ve been working on a new project as of late. And by as of late, I mean for the past month.

Enabling Remote Access of IIS Express

For some of my web projects, I need to test against other devices (phones, tablets, Xboxes, etc.). By default, IIS Express launched by Visual Studio only allows local access to the running web server. Thankfully, I found this Stackoverflow post that explains how to work around this.

Running The Android Emulator Alongside Hyper-V

Today whilst trying to debug one of my sites on Android, I discovered that the Android emulator running in x86 mode with HAXM won’t cooperate with Hyper-V. The workaround, unfortunately, is to temporarily disable Hyper-V. This can be done with a simple command run as administrator