Tunr Update: Hey! Playlist Manipulation!

Life’s busy with my job ramping up, and summer classes. But TUNR.

I’ve added some simple playlist manipulation controls that pop up on top of the playlist item that you select. It’s a simple approach, but it works for both touch and mouse/keyboard without any sort of separate interaction model. This implementation isn’t very polished yet, and will probably receive a lot more work. But the basic functionality is there.

I’ve also added a simple play timer in the bottom right corner of the Now Playing pane. The Now Playing pane will eventually be used to creatively showcase information / art about the songs you’re currently listening to.

The tilt effect has also been refined - items that tilt will now animate back to their ‘flattened’ state after they’ve been released. They also press ‘into’ the page rather than just tilt, so it’s a bit more physical looking.

The log in has been refined a bit, changing up the motion of the button and adding an indeterminate indicator. The tilt effect was also applied to the button.

I’ll probably start opening this up to pre-pre-pre-alpha testing soon. Do you have your own music library? Want to try this out? Tweet at me or send me a mail!