Tunr is a cloud music service meant for people who like to retain ownership of their own music library.

Users can synchronize their library to the Tunr service and then access it via the browser app.


Subscription music services are on the rise - gone are the days of needing to purchase, store, and maintain your own library of music files. But what happens when the subscription service doesn’t have a track you like? Or when they stop existing entirely? What do you do with the collection of music files you’ve curated over years? attempts to fill this gap - providing the conveniences of a subscription cloud music services, but working with the library of music files that you own.

Building It

The Tunr back-end is an ASP.NET Web API. It ingests tracks uploaded by the user and scans their metadata into the user’s library. The track data is stored in its original format in Azure Blob Storage.

The user’s library can be queried via REST APIs, and also downloaded in one large JSON blob for offline processing.

When playback occurs, the requested track is pulled from Azure Blob Storage and if necessary is transcoded on-the-fly to fit the bandwidth and codec requirements of the client. This allows users to store lossless tracks in Tunr, but still enjoy reasonable playback quality and speed on mobile devices and browsers.

The browser front-end is an entirely custom framework, optimized for speed and fluidity.


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